Las Vegas Powder Coating & Media Blasting

Superior, Industrial-Grade Finishes

Las Vegas Powder Coating specializes in high quality finishes at competitive pricing. We have hundreds of colors and finishes to choose
from, in addition we also offer custom color matching, special
effects, and textures. Finished parts offer excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, fading from sunlight and extreme weather.

Finishing Options
To create a uniform finish regardless of surface type, we
work with a variety of powder types - such as acrylics,
epoxies, polyesters, thermoset polymers, polyurethanes, hybrids, and a wide range of thermal plastics with vein and metalic finishes.

Las Vegas Powder Coating offers commercial-quality
finishes for a range of industries and applications:

  1. Aerospace & defense products
  2. Entertainment & gaming systems
  3. Medical equipment
  4. Metal enclosures
  5. Solar energy systems
  6. Telecommunications equipment
  7. Gates/Fences
  8. and more.

Our Work